Benefits of blogging

Whether a business is small or big, blogs play an important part in making a wise establishment and booming the online content marketing strategy. The main and vital benefit of blogging is blogs not only give information about your brand to the users but also help in acquiring new customers by making the content game strong.

One of the basic criteria of a hygienic and digitally optimized presence is the infusion of the right keywords, which help the business to pop-up whenever a consumer searches for related products or services. Knowing your keywords and placing them right in the blog can drive engagement faster.

Let’s understand the importance of blogs with 6 basic reasons:


Traffic and Engagement

The foremost thing to establish your business is to have a dynamic website that gives out the information wisely. But that is not the end of the story, a website’s success is decided by the number of users it can gather. This is where blogs can be of great help. Blogs can ensure a better conversion rate with the help of relevant and guiding content that will communicate well with the users.

web traffic with blogging

Consider posting the blog links on your social media handles with some appealing and apt visuals for attracting the users. This way, one can get traffic from various platforms. And also generate new customers who will build the client base even stronger.

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SEO With Blogging

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an important and organic way to get your website listed and ranked on SERP (Search Engine Results Page) whenever your brand or related queries are being punched in the search box. Blogs can boost this area too with the help of keywords used in the content and relevancy of the same. Updating website information regularly can be a hassle. Hence, adding new articles to your blog page can shred down the worries & still keep you in the race without lowering your business’s ranking. One can also include guest blogging, online directories, and backlinks as rich off-site activities to complement and leverage the regular on-site chores.

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Improve User Experience With Blogging

A user will always visit your website with an expectation to gain some knowledge about your brand and take away some useful information. Blogs can be of help here as well.

Improve User Experience with blogging

Apart from flashing USPs of a product or service on the webpage, brands can also highlight a descriptive view to give users a detailed viewpoint. And subsequently, help users make better buying decisions. Also, entertain the questions, asked in the blogs, with clear answers to keep the users engaged.

Lead Generation and Conversion

Blogging can contribute more leads as the information poured in is detailed and clear. Blogs will engage as well as keep users interested in interacting with your brand.


You can always put out new communication to ensure your users a variety and loyalty in serving them. When communication is to the point leads are genuine too and eventually, the conversion rate will shot-up too.

The New Way to Advertise Through Blogging

A study proved that 80% of users are attracted to the advertisement that was put out through blogs instead of a plain “Buy Now” agenda. So, skip the traditional way and adopt the new normal to include creativity and newness in your marketing strategies.

The Final Verdict

Blogging contributes to many areas of marketing and advertising strategies. Drives website traffic, makes the brand communication better, pull-in qualified leads, and gives a better conversion rate, builds customer base, is cost-effective, and lastly, reflects a positive ROI (Return On Investment).

These are a few ways to acquire website traffic with relevant and informative blogs.

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