7 Best Fonts for Graphic Design

best font for graphic design

Fonts in graphic design strongly affect how people react to your content. Carefully selecting and consistently using a chosen font is of utmost importance as the use of color and images in creating a professional brand. But choosing the best fonts for graphic design is always a challenge for any graphic designer.

Choosing the right font helps one to generate a particular emotion and fit the style Everything that a graphic designer selects has an effect including a font style.

A graphic designer has a lot to create such as creating business cards, brochures, logos, flyers, visiting cards, etc, and other materials that must be attractive enough and act as a visual aid. Earlier there weren’t many options to choose from but today there are multiple font options to choose from. Also must  go through few things before selecting one particular font for their design such as:

  • Making sure that font is readable- clean and clear
  • Taking into account who the audience is and where your design will be displayed
  • Comparing multiple fonts before selecting one

7 Best Fonts for Graphic Design

Below are 7 Best Fonts that you can use in your designs to make them more presentable and attractive enough:-


Helvetica is one of the most widely used fonts out there. It suits best with logo and web designs.

Many designers like to use this font because the Helvetica font doesn’t only give a unique look to designs but also makes them more attractive and stylish. If you are designing any web project then Helvetica will be the best option to select because it will give a unique look to your whole design.


It is modern, versatile and geometric in style. Futura goes perfectly with slogans, books, covers, and logo designs. It can be used both in body copy and display. It is being used in industries such as advertising, film posters. You have seen Futura font in ads and logos of  Dominos pizza, Nike, Volkswagen.

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Garamond is bold and subtle, it goes with blogs, fashion, magazines, books, websites, and other mediums of educational purpose that are generally long. It is the second most popular font and has been entitled as the second-best font by German publication after Helvetica. It is extremely legible and easy on the eye.


This font is recommended by professionals to those working in the film industry. While conveying aspects of religion, society, law it seems perfect to use this font. It gives an elegant feel to the eyes and. You will find Trajan font in almost 20% of the Hollywood movies poster and DVDs’.


Gotham is one of the most popular and recognizable fonts available. It has been used everywhere- Netflix, Starbucks, Taco Bell , Twitter. This is extremely versatile and can be used in many ways. For designing logos it is the number one choice of brands as it looks both classic and modern. It can be used anywhere and in every situation. Fun fact- Gotham is Obama’s favorite, it gained its wide popularity after it was used in Barak Obama’s election campaign.


Frutiger is another versatile font which can be used for anything to give a clean and modern look. It is popularly used in magazines, booklets, corporate business, etc. It is outstandingly readable from long distance and also on a low light setting.


Caslon is an interesting and beautiful font that is good for body text. It is an extremely versatile font that can be used is many places. Caslon has a corporate typeface and is used heavily in books, magazines, journals, and newspapers both online and offline.

Here we come to an end of the list of 7 best-handpicked fonts for you to use in your graphic designs. Go through them and select the one which suits your requirement best.


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