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Facebook poll Benefits

Facebook polls are powerful tools to grow your business. The Facebook poll can be used to get your customer feedback on your products and service offers. Here in this article, we will see what are facebook polls, Facebook Polls Benefits and how to create them.

It access you in listening actively to your consumer feedback and makes them a part of the journey in improving and creating new products.

Data from polls help you remodel your marketing strategy and assists you making relevant products for which audience will be readily  waiting for, they help you stand out in competition and also increase the chances of making more sales.

What are Facebook polls?

Facebook polls are fun and interactive way of engaging with your audience and getting their opinion about your brand, where they vote from given set of options. Facebook polls are becoming more popular day by day as they are one of the most interesting activity that social media offers.

They are a clear call to action that doesn’t  require users commitment and users engage with it more. They allow businesses to gain opinion of target audience  regarding  their products. Thus helps business to make informed decision to improve their product  or service  and hence increase  the revenue.


Still in doubt whether to use polls on Facebook  or not? After reading these benefits  you will be amazed and won’t  be able to resist creating Facebook polls.

Facebook Polls Benefits

Facebook Polls increase engagement

If you feel that not much of your audience  is reading or reacting to your post and interacting with your brand, create polls to move them. Polls are good way to encourage  your  audience to engage with your content. Facebook polls tend to break the monotonous  scrolling and motivates the audience to share their views and opinion  quickly. Polls allow you to boost your traffic by encouragingusers to share the polls with other people.

Facebook Polls drive traffic to your site

Facebook polls description  allows you to add link o you website. This way you can leverage that opportunity to drive the audience to your site. Thus,  by creating meaningful and relevant content with your Facebook polls you can motivate more users to visit to your website.

Improve your product or service

Facebook polls gives you an opportunity  to get feedback on your product  and services. The information  collected from the Facebook polls lets you understand  the area of improvement. A key to successful  business is creating what your customers  want – many brands try to build their future product on the basis of feedback received  from the Facebook polls. This way businesses  get product ready market  and also consumers get what they need and like.

Know the opinion of your audience

Facebook polls help you to know what audience actually  thinks about your brand and its product. It lets you know your audience’s preference and what they would like to change  about your brand.

Once you know what your audience like, it is much easier to align your marketing message according to their needs and wants.

Bonding with your customers

As Facebook polls let you discover the opinion of your audience, it also makes them feel that you care about them.  It lets them know that the brand is listening to their needs and develops a sense of belonging. Healthy relations and meaningful engagement are created which helps you build trust among your audience.

6.Helps you develop engaging  content

Brands are always looking for new ideas to create engaging content so as to interact with their audience and get more traffic.

Social media is all about fun and entertainment. Facebook polls are a smart and productive way to generate clever and engaging content for your brand which attracts more users.


How to Create Facebook StoryPoll?

You can add a poll on your page via Facebook story where you ask questions to your viewers and customize the suggested answers.

It takes the following steps to create a story poll:-

1.Open your Facebook account.

2.Tap on the blue circle around your profile picture and select  ‘ Create a Story’.

3.Swipe to the left until to get the ‘Poll’ option. You will see a prompt – ‘Ask a question with Yes / No option, tap on each to customize the poll.

You can also change the background color or upload a photo from your gallery.

Once done tap on the ‘ Share to story ‘button.

You can see people interacting with it getting instant results which can be seen by both you as well as them. Your Story poll will look somewhat like this.


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