Google Chrome Extensions- Top 14 Free (For SEO Geeks)

Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is one of the best and most used browsers out of all. There exist many browsers like Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, but none of them could beat the usability statistics of Google Chrome. There are various reasons behind the success of Google Chrome foremost being that it is free to use as any other browser. The speed and rapidness of the browser are commendable. Talking about its user-friendliness, one must not forget that how well it integrates with any device without making the edges spill out of the screens. It also carries your emails, analytics, and many such important accesses in just one place. Another reason why Google Chrome is the most used browser is that it allows one to download as many extensions as possible without lagging the space and performance.

Google Chrome Extensions: For SEO

Having mentioned Google Chrome extensions, let’s take a dig at the available options:


  • For a website, being secured is the utmost step. A website carries a good amount of information that an owner can’t afford to lose or shell out to the local public or viewers. To make sure you are securing it the right way, Chrome offers HTTPS EVERWHERE. This extension, when installed, changes the HTTP unsecured sites into encrypted HTTPS secured sites right after being installed. Also, these extensions are easy to use and available to all. One just has to visit Chrome Web Store, download and add the extensions to Chrome. Similarly, removing them also comes in handy. Just one right-click on the extension and you shall get the option of removing the installed entity.


  • GRAMMARLY is another google chrome extensions that allows you to find grammatical and spelling errors in your piece of writings. This is a boon for the born-writers. You only find your mistakes here but also can change and rectify and grasp the knowledge for your future work. Grammarly automatically saves your articles and you can access them for your future references by signing up at first and logging in later. Also, this tool works on other sites and platforms too and helps in rectifying the errors.


  • Hashtags are an important aspect for all those social media beings but using the right hashtags is equally important. HASHTEST is a powerful tool that analyses the correct hashtags for your post and also suggests the real-time quality of the hashtags that one wishes to infuse in a post.


  • LINKEDIN SALES NAVIGATOR is an extension that a business-head needs to have installed. This tool filters the important and relevant messages into the inbox without troubling you to search between the thousands of unwanted and irrelevant messages. All the required information is available in the side-bar of your Gmail Account. This profile offers name, company, and social media links as well. The ice-breakers option here shows the connections and mutual groups that you are a part of.


  • SEMRUSH is a must-have for all the marketeers. This tool gives a quick insight into a site’s performance on Google and as a whole. One can also learn about the traffic here in terms of where is it coming from i.e. organic, paid, social media. One can even check the performance of backlinks under this tool. In this, you will find two extensions, one is SEMRUSH PAGE RANK which simply displays the value in numbers and ranks as the name suggests. Another one being OPEN IN SEMRSUSH that gives a detailed view of the analysis.


  • BOOMERANG helps in managing the flow of your emails. Different business has a different set of audience and hence, one can manage how the users receive the emails and respond to them. It also lets you schedule your emails so that the viewers receive them as you want them to.


  • OKTOPOST is for all those social media geeks who spend a major share of the day on social media platforms. This extension allows curating the posts and being able to post them on your social media accounts directly from the browser.

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  • BUZZSUMO is a blessing in disguise for the content curators. This extension analyses and helps the users in identifying the performance of a particular content piece. Bloggers can make good use of this by determining their pieces and that of their competitors and designing content accordingly for their followers.


  • Many of us love researching and visiting an ample of sites till we reach the desired information destination. LINKCLUMP is for the users like us. It selects all the relevant links for your search and opens them in sequential order once you release the mouse. This saves time in moving back and forth to the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) and allows easy browsing through all the links.


  • While researching through various sites we tend to get lost in the ocean of content and sometimes miss out on the important information. LINER lets your highlight the content you find relevant. It also tracks your highlights and keeps them running in the catalog so you won’t find yourself being lost in the clutter.


  • Doing continuous research can make us forget the previous pieces that we went through. SAVE TO POCKET comes to your rescue here. This extension lets you save the articles and reading them again later. Social Media Geeks can also make use of this extension by saving the articles and using them later to curate content on the same lines.


  • PUSH BY ZAPIER is what we suggest for marketers who use a lot of tools. This extension helps you manage the workflow and integrate a bunch of applications that you use on a regular and frequent basis.


  • Many times, websites don’t allow capturing the screens and this can be really frustrating after spending long hours researching and finding the information but not being able to restore it. EVERNOTE WEB CLIPPER the ultimate google chrome extension lets you capture the screen for reviewing later. Here, you can also edit, highlight, arrow, or do a little beautification for your users to make it look appealing.


  • Well, when we have told you about so many extensions we don’t want you to clutter your screen with these tools. So lastly, don’t forget to install ONE CLICK EXTENSIONS MANAGER and make the extensions available in one place and accessible easily.

These are a few extensions that you need to get your hands on and make your stressful browsing a happy one from hereon.

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