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Google Display Ads : Top 5 Benefits of Using Display Ads

Google Display Advertising makes the best option for marketers to reach out to a large audience. According to the statistics, Google Display Network gives you access to almost over 90% of all internet users and provides outstanding targeting options to make sure that your ads are displayed only to a relevant audience.

Google Display Advertising also gives you complete control over who sees your ads, where they see it, and how many times. It has an easy-to-use interface and also helps you optimize your display advertising campaigns, even if you are not an expert.

What is the Google Ad Network?

Google ad network is a collection of millions of websites and apps where ads from Google AdWords are displayed based on users’ previous online activity.

Google AdWords contains two networks- Search Network which targets users typing in Google’s search engine and Display Network where display ads are placed on a huge network of sites. Display ads are the visual banners that you see on different ad-supporting sites.

In this post, we will see everything that you need to know about Google Display Advertising.

All of us have been a victim of Google ads. Let’s take an example – You visit an online shopping site and view a particular product, being a smart spender you don’t buy it and return back from that site. From here the game begins.

You feel like someone is following you, no matter where go online you get to see the same product which you earlier restrained from buying.

Finally, you give in and buy that product. And the culprit behind making this happen is what we call – Google display Ads.

You can use 3 different types of ads in your advertising campaign to target your audience.

Types Of Google Display Ads

1.Text ad

It is communication used by advertisers to market their product or service on the Google network. aText ad includes a headline,  description of your product, and a quick call to action.

2.Image ads

It is an image featuring information about your product or service. You can use a static image or animated image which can be of any size. When the user clicks anywhere on the image ad he will land on your page.

3.Video ads

These have become more popular after the inclusion of YouTube in the Display network. Video ads can be used now anywhere across the display network.

Benefits of Using Google Display Ads

Below are the 5 benefits of using Google Display Ads.

1.Display Ads are Appealing and Effective.

Display ads attract and engage more customers than written text. They offer a number of options such as audio, video, graphics to make your advertisement appealing to catch the eye of your potential customers. The display ad network is an amazing opportunity to create brand awareness.


Trying to reach every possible customer is heavy on your pocket. Google display ads help you to customize your advertising message like including a discount or a freebie and thus providing your customers a new reason to convert. It helps you to appeal to those who have already engaged with your product and are likely to convert into leads.

This way you can keep your brand fresh in their minds and avoid missing any of your new customers.

3. Lets you leverage your video content

Videos can do wonders in your advertising campaign. They are the star of your online ad strategy. Videos are incredibly beneficial. You can use a good and an easy to understand product description or a product testimonial in videos in order to convert a lot of customers.

4. Measurable Results

Google display ads give you a complete report of your performance.  You can check your number of impressions, number of clicks, number of conversions, and much other detailed analysis.

5. Best Way To Convert Prospect To Customer

Google Display  Advertising is one of the best ways to convert your prospect into a customer. It not only helps you to create effective ads but also helps to show them to the right people at the right time and right place.


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