Google Lead Form | How Useful Is This New Google Ad Extension?

google lead form

Google Ads are an effective way of reaching out to your prospective customers in various ways. With an investment of small amount or big, businesses can focus on their target market and advertise their products and services in a way they wish to. Google Ads are the most used ads for the fact that it provides trackable results and gives quality leads to the businesses and saves money and time both. In this article, we will discuss in detail about recently launched Google Lead Form a new ad extension in Google Ads.

Google Lead Form (A New Google Ad Extension) Quite A Fresh Idea

Google Ads recently announced an updated and upgraded google lead form, an ad extension that didn’t take much time to make the heads and minds turn towards it. Before, when being click on the link in SERP, google ads used to redirect users to the company’s landing pages and fill-up the form with required details. To ease the process, the newly introduced extension Google Lead Form, allows the users to be able to fill the form without being redirected to another window and continue browsing through the same page. This extension is a boon for all the marketeers.

Quite Simple and Easy To Use For User

This Google ad extension is quite simplified and makes a window pop-up with the lead form whenever a user clicks on the ad in Search, Video, and Discovery. Once the user has filled the lead form, it depends on them whether they wish to go to the advertiser’s website or continue with their Google Search. This extension is surely a tool you need to get your hands on. Many times a user might drop-off for avoiding the efforts of going to the other website and fill the form by taking a chance of missing onto the information on SERP (Search Engine Results Page). Google Lead Form will avoid the drop-off and let users fill the lead forms by being on the same window.

Benefits of Google Lead Form

Here are a few benefits of this new extension and all you need to know:

  • It will help in generating more and qualified leads.
  • The conversions will be better and rapid when compared to traditional lead forms.
  • This will also help in improving the ad engagement and response from a user’s end.

The sole reason for all these benefits being that the user stays on the same page rather than being redirected to the advertiser’s website.

Easy To Download Leads 

Pulling and saving the data from these lead forms is equally easier. All you have to do is manually download the data within 30 days of the arrival of an inquiry and make sure that you don’t delay the period as chances are there that you may miss out on these important leads. Owners can directly download the data from Google Ads or can also create a Webhook if they wish to move the data directly from Google Ads into CRM. It is always advised by Beta Testers that it is an important step to create a Cadence for being able to pull the leads and give the data to sales if a Webhook Setup is not installed already.

These new lead forms are easy to use and are available with some basic documents. A few requirements for using these lead forms are:

  • A history of policy compliance
  • A privacy policy is mandatory to be included in the lead form
  • An ads account should be in place
  • Sensitive verticals do not have the privilege and access over this new lead form extension

The companies who wish to infuse the lead form extension into Video or Discovery Ads might have to spend a good wholesome amount around $50,000 USD or equivalent to that for being eligible.

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Why Should One Use Google Form Extension?

Google Ads are already a new and easy way to reach your prospective customers then why should you use this extension? Well, as we all have heard “Change is the Only Constant” and it is true. With the advertising platforms moving towards automation and qualified ways of making their ads better and rank up, these new enhancements are surely something you need to have. Advertising Platforms give limited control to advertisers with automated and pre-defined features. In such a case, the new lead form extension can be beneficial as it not only gives an added-on feature to the advertisers but also users as they can choose to not leave SERP and also fill the lead form which they wish to. This extension is questionable for its use while choosing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) but advertisers can make good use of this in SEM (Search Engine Marketing).

Who Can Get a Benefit From This New Google Ad Extension?

This extension is surely useful for a certain group of industries or even the target keywords that one might wish to include in the ads particularly. For example, the automotive industry is one such industry that can be surely benefitted by letting users fill a test-drive lead form by being on the SERP without being redirected to the advertiser’s website if they are already aware of their products and services. They might be aroused by the idea of test-driving before investing a huge amount into the actual purchase. And this small step can lead to more purchases than being thought of.

Who Should Avoid Using Google Lead Form?

New extensions are always exciting but it is also advised to study the customer journey from your database before introducing or including the new lead forms. These forms are not suggested for the audiences that are on the awareness stage as they are still learning about your brand and may not consider engaging or converting at this initial stage.


Well, this is all you need to know about the newly introduced Google Lead Form. Now when you know the benefits and accessibility, it is your time to get your hands on this new feature and make wise use of it after grasping the thorough knowledge.


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