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Guest Blogging Benefits | Smart Content Marketing Strategy, Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is a smart content marketing strategy that involves a blog or a series of articles by someone who doesn’t belong to your arena. This is a great way of increasing engagement and attraction and breaking the monotony once a while. These are the blogs that are written or contributed by a “Guest Author or Contributor”.

These blogs can be monetary or non-monetary. These can also include backlinks to pull-in more engagement and give a shout-out to the blogging efforts.

Guest Blogging Benefits

Here are a few benefits and perks of guest blogging that might help you get an eyeful of your blogs.

  1. One major benefit of guest blogging is that one can build their profile as an industry professional, thought leader, etc., and make your blogs a first preference by the ones looking to infuse guest blogs.
  2. With guest blogging, you invite a newness in your writings, and hence, you can also increase your followers base, readers, subscribers.
  3. One can even build co-marketing relationships and have strong professional bonds with the other professional and competitive brands in the market.
  4. Referral traffic can also be generated through backlinks and a wise shout-out.
  5. This can also improve SEO performance and brand awareness.
  6. One can also grow as a brand and get more qualified leads, users, and customers.

Let us tell you a few ways on how to become a successful guest blogger:

Once you have zeroed now on including guest blogs, jot down the goals that you wish to achieve through the blogs. These could be anything such as getting more leads, increasing awareness or subscriptions, etc. This way you can decide on the communication and follow the directions accordingly.

Make sure that your goals are S (Specific), M (Measurable), A (Attainable), R (Relevant), T (Time-Bound), and follow the SMART criteria this way. Pick the topics that will support and leverage your brand and goals at the same time.


These are five examples of measurable goals that you can consider as a beginner:

  1. Referral visits
  2. Leads from referral traffic
  3. Receive high and good quality backlinks
  4. Improve SEO performance
  5. Increase your clientele from a guest post

Don’t include topics randomly, plan on what to include and exclude, if and wherever needed. Topics should be chosen wisely and smartly to upgrade your blog reach and pull-in engagement and viewership. Many a time guest bloggers focus on publications and getting featured instead of spending time on developing and delivering relevant content. This could serve the guest’s goals but not yours. Do well-versed research and list out some topics to be shared with the guest blogger. Make sure the contributor writes the articles on the same lines as your goals and needs.

When you have decided on the topic it’s time to search for a website and publication that holds a good reputation and reach.

Use advanced search operators such as “intext: submit a guest post” to carry out wise research.

Use Google Reverse Image Search, here you can upload a snapshot of a good guest blog in the search box and check the websites where they have published their work.

Look for the best and top websites that accept guest blogs and check their blog reach.

Keep a check on your competitor’s backlinks and build high-quality backlinks accordingly.

Also, make sure to pitch blogs and publications that have:

  1. Domain Authority of 40 or higher (and Domain Rating in case of Ahrefs)
  2. Spam Score which is or less than 3%
  3. A good and thorough Editorial Process

Guest Blogging should have a proper editorial process and guidelines. Look for the terms and conditions mentioned and prepare your pitch idea once you have done your bit of study.

Approach your blogger outreach process, make a list of keywords, look for your target publication, chosen website’s rank.

When you have followed all the steps, it is your time to set your time and start typing. Once you have finished writing, take a second opinion, and proof-read the article. And you are good to go.

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