How Many External Links Should One Include In a Blog?

External Link In Blog

What Is External Link?

An external link is a link that point one domain to another, it leads a reader from your website to a site elsewhere on the worldwide web. It happens when you link your blog post to an outside source.

What is External Link


In a similar way, if some other website links to your content that will make an external link. But the more preferred term, for that, will the “inbound” link.

Including links to your content proves very beneficial. They help you increase your visibility and add credibility to your article. It’s a way of telling search engines that you are capable of providing good content to users and will help you increase your search engine ranking. They also enhance your reader’s experience when you link to valuable content.

One should not select any or every link though. Following are the criteria for identifying high-quality external links:-

  • The link should lead readers to content that is relevant to your subject matter.
  • The site you are choosing for external linking should have regular readers.
  • It should target a good number of visitors.
  • The site should present valid and updated information to the readers.
  • Chose High authority sites in the industry will help you boost people’s confidence in your content.

Two Types  Of External Link:

‘Do follow link– Do follow link is a default state of a link. It tells search engines to follow a link and it directly affects your search engine ranking.

No follow link’– No follow links tell search engines bots not to follow the link. And not to pass any link juice.

Best Practices to Follow For External Linking.

Best Practices to follow backlinking

1.Linking to Relevant pages

User experience is of utmost importance on your site. When one links unnecessarily to irrelevant pages it sours the user experience and decreases your engagement rate. You should only link to pages that are relevant to your content and let search engines know that your website is credible for ranking good.

2.Avoid Link farming

The number of quality links from your website and links to your website both helps you improve your ranking in search result pages. Hence many websites opt for unethical practices of link building. Link farming is a page having nothing but links on it of another website,  this is considered under black hat SEO.

One must refrain from such practices to avoid any trouble and getting your website banned or penalized.

3.Avoid excessive outbound links

Lesser is the better. Adding the number of links and thinking to get better results may not work. But can lead to an increase in your bounce rate as too many external links may annoy the reader. One must try to add only a few relevant links.

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How many external links should one include in an article?

As external links take readers away from your blog article, so one must limit these links. You can make a setting to open them in a new tab. This prevents readers to abandon your site entirely as it increases your bounce rates, which affects your website traffic.

Google keeps changing the algorithm so setting a particular number is difficult but adding 2 to 5 external links depending upon the length of the article will be the best practice.

For every 600 words ‘five’ external links are more than enough.


Benefits of External Linkning

1.Linking to authoritative and relevant sites imprints your positive image in the eyes of search engines.

2.Helps you to build relationships and expand your reach.

3.Including external link on your page demonstrates that you care about your readers as you provide them with the resource that may help them to explore the topic more. This helps you in building a trust factor.

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