Is Email Marketing Powerful In 2021?

Email Marketing in 2020

With the rise of different social media channels, people have stopped using email marketing thinking that it doesn’t work anymore. But the reality is Email marketing is still the most effective and easy method of marketing.

There are billions of email users worldwide and the number is steadily increasing. Few businesses may think e-mail marketing is waste of time but think yourself about the mails in your inbox from a different brand, don’t you open those emails and engage with them?

Also with the evolution of digital marketing strategies, one question that comes to everyone’s mind is whether email marketing is still effective and important?- A good e-mail marketing strategy can help you reach your target audience within your budget. Its tools give you an opportunity to reach to your audience in an effective and easier manner.

Why Email Marketing is Powerful in 2021?

Below are the top reasons why email marketing is still effective and how it helps you in your business:-

1.Keeps you connected with your audience

E-mail marketing has the ability to keep you connected with your audience. It helps you keep them aware of your brands and their presence. As mobile phones are common today, it is convenient for people to check your emails anytime they are free, and also it gives them the feeling that you care.

Not using e-mail marketing will leave you not reaching your majority of the audience.

2.It is cost-effective

Email marketing doesn’t require a huge budget to be invested, it is the most cost-effective strategy. Unlike traditional media which becomes costly with all the need to buy time and space, e-mail marketing can be a good tactic for businesses working with a small budget. In addition, it also gives a high ROI.

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3.It is measurable

One need not do any guess working in e-mail marketing. You can easily measure the results. Lots of email marketing tool offers the ability to track down the results of your campaign. They tell your bounce rates, delivery rates, unsubscribed rates, and much more. This way you can understand how your campaign is working and where you need to do corrections. One should not ignore this metric and they play a very important role in your marketing campaign as a whole.

4.Allows you Customization

Unlike other marketing platforms where you send your message to the audience as a whole, email marketing gives you an opportunity to address your audience individually by their names, their interests, and likings. It not only allows you to build relationships with your future prospects but also your past customers and you can speak directly to them.

Personalizing messages increases your ROI and also engages your customers in a more meaningful way.

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5.Increases Brand Awareness

No doubt that social media platforms help company to establish their brand awareness but E-mail marketing is the most effective and consistent tool which helps you reach to your loyal customers directly. It allows you to stay on top of their mind.

With email marketing, you can plan an effective strategy that can play an important role in creating awareness of your brand.

6.Helps to set timely campaigns

Other traditional marketing campaigns take months to plan and execute also one is not sure whether people are going to see it and react within time. Whereas email marketing helps you plan your campaign on short notice and also you can make sure that people see your message within the right time. With this, you can send them seasonal or festive offers and create urgency so that they covert soon.


E-mail marketing was and will continue to be effective. One just needs a good online marketing strategy to be executed and you’ll see the results soon.

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