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LinkedIn Marketing Strategy : How To Make It Useful In Digital Marketing

On average, today a decision-maker reads a number of content before making his purchasing decision. Customers demand reliable content and also turn to a key place to find and that is LinkedIn. LinkedIn is one of the most important social networks which assists you in reaching business buyers. It allows you to build communities, build relationships and establish leadership and generate leads. In this article let us discuss LinkedIn Marketing strategy and why it is always a good option to go with.

Thus it is truly a major platform in B2B marketing.

According to the studies, more than 70 percent of B2B leads come from LinkedIn which is more than any other social media channel, making LinkedIn the largest producer. It would be no wrong to call LinkedIn -a powerhouse social network for B2B marketers.

LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Let’s have a look at few reasons why a good LinkedIn strategy is a good option to maximize your results:-

1.Proper Targeting Platform

We all know the 4 P’s of marketing – Product, Price, People, and Promotion – it is ‘Place’ where you will market your product, where you first get in touch with your customers. When you market your product on other social media platform like Facebook and Instagram which consist of the audience who are there to connect with their friends and for the entertainment,  you may not get the returns which your business deserves.

But when you market your product on LinkedIn, it appears in front of business professionals and industry experts. It is a place where the customer is already in the business mindset, hence LinkedIn is the best B2B marketing platform.

2.Drives Greater traffic

One of the great strengths of LinkedIn is its link building and traffic driving. With its social sharing button, you can share your content on LinkedIn status and groups in which you are a member, your business content has more chances of getting shared on LinkedIn rather than on Facebook or any other social platform.

Also while sharing posts on LinkedIn you can link your other important articles at the end thus, enticing people to read and know more about you.

It also gives you analytics about which of your content is liked more by your audience.

3.Creates awareness and a better reputation

With a number of business professionals signing up an account on LinkedIn every day, businesses get a great chance to create more and better awareness about their brand and increase the number of contacts.

Be it a company or individual,  by using personal and group features of LinkedIn one can improve their visibility. Thus it is a perfect platform to present your brand and make contact with the people in the industry.

4.Gets you better leads

LinkedIn is a magnet for getting leads, it converts your contacts into customers much faster and better than any other social network. It identifies your potential customers, engages with them, and converts them into leads. By listening and responding to the new clients it helps you to communicate better.

5.Helps you come out a leader

It provides you with many tools to enhance your knowledge. One can make videos and demonstrate their idea and thoughts on a specific topic, share them with the audience, thus not only get a good brand awareness but it also you puts in a place of respect and authority. It gives you many opportunities to present yourself as a leader and a good advisor.

By producing and presenting quality content, being active between communities, and keeping personal profiles updated, one’s images grow and develop better.

It is a misconception that only B2C businesses can gain benefits from social networks.

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to which can help your business to flourish with all its tool which help you communicate better and establish business relations. Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is a valuable social networking site for B2B businesses.


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