Why Is Remarketing In Digital Marketing Important?

remarketing in digital marketing

Remarketing is also known as behavioral retargeting,  is the tactic of sending targeted ads to people who have already visited your website. Remarketing In Digital Marketing is a clever marketing strategy that seeks to drive sales from people who have visited your website but did not make a purchase.

You must have often encountered a situation where you look for a product or service online and then came across ads for the same on other social platforms. This is how today many marketers are remarketing their business and products to you!  It is an activity that gives marketers an opportunity to slowly convert potential consumers into active consumers. It acts as a reminder to consumers about their recent browsing and tries to attract them to make a purchase.

Why  Remarketing In Digital Marketing Is Important?

According to the statistics- more than 90% of visitors of your website are not purchased ready and leave the site without making buying your product hence conversion rates can go low. This is where remarketing comes to the rescue- it encourages your customers to re-visit your site.

Below are 5 good reasons why Remarketing is important to be included in your digital strategy:-

1.Converts leads into conversion

People who already visited your site know your product well and chances are they might have even added it to their basket but left it without a purchase. Remarketing helps to regain those customers by allowing you to send them a customized message to attract them back to your site. People returning back to your site for the second or third time are more likely to buy your product.

2.Increases Brand Awareness

Remarketing is used by many businesses to increases their brand awareness and recognition. Remarketing also helps you become an authority in your product. People who see your remarketing ads are likely to remember your brand and recall your company name when they make a purchasing decision which increases the chances of your sale.

3.There are Multiple Ways of Remarketing

There is a wide approach to how you plan your remarketing strategy. It is highly recommended that one must use as multiple techniques as possible.

There are so many social media platforms available today and everyone has at least one account over there. People are addicted to social media and scroll past their feed multiple times a day. You can place your remarketing ad in their YouTube videos, Instagram feeds, Facebook feeds, etc.

4.Not Heavy on Your Pockets

Trying to reach every customer possible by flooding your display ads requires a huge sum of money to be invested. But investing in remarketing ads means directly reaching to your potential customers who like your product in the first place and are more likely to get converted into leads.

5.Increases Returns on Investment

Planning and executing a marketing campaign requires a lot of effort and money. But it doesn’t assure immediate and huge purchases from first-time visitors which can be discouraging. Using remarketing ads in your digital campaign can help you get more close to the sales line and get results faster.

6.Helps You Send Relevant Ads

Remarketing helps you to mold the ads based on visitors’ previous actions. Instead of sending a generic message to the visitors, remarketing helps you to send relevant and more meaningful ads to the customers. It helps you advertise a specific product which the customer is interested in buying.

Remarketing is effective and its techniques are easy to use.

Now that you know the importance and effectiveness of remarketing ads, I hope that you’ve been convinced enough to use them in your next digital marketing campaign.


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