6 Amazing SEO Backlink Checker Tools (2020)

SEO Backlink Checker Tool

Backlinks form when one website mentions another website on their site and links thereto. These links also are referred to as inbound or incoming links.

In the eyes of search engines, backlinks act like votes for your site. The more links you’ve got, the upper your site will rank in search engines. Backlinks can help you raise your search rankings. They also help you to increase your traffic.

The best backlinks are from respected websites. Backlinks from spammy websites are often harmful to your site, so it’s good to possess a couple of high-quality links over many, low-quality links.

Backlinks also offer other benefits like :

  • Gets you referral traffic- You get relevant traffic from the location that links to you. And an increase in traffic means an increase in sales.
  • Builds relationship- Reaching bent authority websites gives you a chance to create a relationship with them which can assist you at end of the day.
  • Benefits your brand image – Getting good backlinks establishes your authority which can assist you to earn more backlink and ultimately people start recognizing your brand.

Let’s Take a Glance at 6 Backlink Checker Tools:-


This free backlink checker carries out a radical analysis of the backlinks of your website.

With this backlink checker tools, you will be able to:

Find and track where your backlinks are coming from, can carry out backlink analysis and audit for any site. You can research your best performing content. You can see which keywords are bringing you the leading links. You can also check your competitors’ valuable backlinks. . You don’t get to be a techie or an expert in SEO to use it.

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Moz Link Explorer

It provides valuable data that helps you build better backlinks for your business. It’s a tool called ‘Link Intersect’ where you’ll see which websites are linking to your competitors but to not you. Lets you see what backlinks you’ve lost. The opportunities are endless with Moz Link Explorer.


Ubersuggest’s main tool is keyword research but there’s also a backlink checker. This backlink checker tool shows you, new backlinks, backlinks you’ve lost, which backlinks are marked as nofollow, and more.

Its free version can offer you an honest sense of what the tool can do. For a better experience, you’ll get a paid version.


SEMrush is one of the simplest tools to see your backlink as they update their database daily which enables you to urge constant backlink information. With SEMrush you’ll also check and monitor your competitor’s backlink. It provides you with the backlink analytics for free of charge if you would like to get the list of backlinks one has got to get a subscription.

Google Search Console

This is a completely free tool that provides huge data but limited opportunities for backlink analysis.

You can only use this tool to research the websites that you simply own. Once you get your ownership verified, you’ll get access to a spread of the site. It gives you a group of backlinks different from others because it removes the inferiority backlinks from the list. Hence one can call it the best source of raw backlink data.


It is the right backlink checker tool for a fast review of your and competitors’ backlinks. SEObility sorts the list of backlinks from highest raking to lowest. The links are amid additional information like do follow/nofollow attributes, link types, and linked pages.

Once you ways to see backlinks, you’ll start earning more backlinks for your business. the simplest backlink checker provides you with valuable data. So use these above tools and begin receiving more links on your pages.

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