7 Best Free SEO Chrome Extensions

SEO Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome has almost become the world’s favorite desktop browser, and it can be customized using a number of browser extensions.  Keeping your website optimized in each and every aspect can be a daunting task and there are several SEO Chrome extensions which can help you reduce your work. But being able to find one which is best for your business is a tough task.

SEO Chrome Extensions

Below are 7 Best free  SEO-themed extensions for Chrome that can help you:-

1. SEOquake

SEOquake is a handy Chrome extension SEO tool that gives you tons of SEO parameters within just a few clicks and all for free.

It allows you to view all the important SEO parameters such as Page Rank,  Alexa Rank, Google links, Google Index, Yahoo Index, and much more.

SEOquake is easy to install and use. It also offers other tools such as Audit tools, keyword density reports, internal link, and external link analysis.

This tool provides you with all the relevant information within the minimum effort.

2. Mozbar

Mozbar is a Chrome extension that lets you do your SEO and get the link metrics easily.

It shows you  Domain authority, Page authority score, and also your Spam score i.e. how much your website has in common with a website that has been banned or panelized by Google.

You can also perform page analysis and get to see on-page elements, link metrics vital to SEO. It allows you to download all data to a CSV file. You can do all this for free.

3. Redirect Path

Redirect Path is a fantastic extension and has been recently ranked as one of the best SEO tools. It quickly views and analysis any response code generated when the page loads. This SEO Chrome Extensions help you identify any redirect path which may slow down your page load time. It is considered as an essential tool for all SEO professionals.

4. Similar web

A similar web is an extension that provides you with the traffic data for at least the last 6 months and key metrics for any website including engagement rate, keyword ranking.

It shows how a website ranks globally, regionally, and in a particular category. It also tells you about the number of visits, duration, monthly website visits, and bounce rate. With this one can also know the traffic source.


5.Check My Links

Not all the incoming links may prove beneficial to you, some of them may also be broken which sour user experience on your site.

Check My link is a Chrome extension that crawls through your site in search of broken links and helps you to clean them up as soon as possible. This tool has been very beneficial to the web designers, developers, and content creators. This tool marks all the broken link in red, good one in green and also helps you to spot those which are no longer active.

6.Pagespeed Insights

As most of the searches are done from mobile, one must keep their website’s load time optimized.

This tool quickly helps you to know what is to be done in order to improve your load time. Its color indicator ‘feature tells you whether your site has passed the page load test, stands on average, or has failed. It helps you find an error that you can fix and boost your page ranking.

7. Keyword Surfer

Keyword surfer is a Chrome extension that helps you reveal search data and allows you to perform keyword research directly from Google. It shows global and monthly searches for any keyword. It is totally free. Forever.

For every search, you’ll get search volume,  similar keywords, and their similarity score, visibility matrix, CPC for your primary keyword – based on this you can plan your content and find the best keyword.


When it comes to SEO there are a lot of options that one can use,  but there’s no need to pick everything. You must choose one or a combination of these SEO Chrome Extensions to get your site optimized.

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