Twitter Marketing : Tips To Use Twitter for Marketing Your Business

Twitter Marketing

In order to grow their marketing strategy and audience, businesses should  invest in Twitter marketing as it can be used to share updates and engage with customers

As of 2019, Twitter has around 330 million monthly active users and is ranked as one of the leading social platforms. Seeing its extraordinary growth,  many businesses have included  Twitter in their online marketing strategy. It is an effective platform that you can use to form customer relationships. Also, Twitter appeals to an audience that is more mature than any other social media platform. More than 60 percent of B2B businesses use Twitter as a digital marketing tool.

Twitter marketing helps you to engage with more people and reach a larger audience. The most important thing for any business is its customer opinion regarding brand/product and Twitter’s social environment enables businesses to know what their customers have to say about them hence they can leverage that information to create relevant content for the audience.

Tips To Use Twitter for Marketing Your Business

Let’s have a look at few tips on how you can use Twitter for marketing your business:-

1.Customize your Twitter Profile

No one would like to follow a shady profile without a profile picture and proper user name. Hence the first thing to do is to customize your Twitter profile. Use your company name as a Twitter handle, use your logo or company’s initial as a profile picture as it will represent your brand, make sure you put a clear and crisp image with the right dimensions.

Twitter bio helps you to make a first impression, here you can use a tagline or creative to show off your brand. Include a mission statement or something humorous and engaging. Below that enter your website’s URL to drag traffic on your website.

2.Organize a Twitter List

There’s so much going on Twitter so opening Twitter would be like walking into millions of conversations. But with a Twitter list you can follow specific accounts, so you will see tweets posted by them. It allows you to enter into relevant conversations and influential people. You can organize a group of Twitter accounts and put them together into specific  categories such as leaders in your industry, business professionals, marketing experts, competitors,  target audience, etc

3.Find your Twitter voice

Use images, videos to connect with your audience and win fans. People like to follow those with an authentic and genuine voice. Be unique and consistent with your tweets. Your brand voice should be same on all  the platforms. Twitter helps you to connect with your audience,  be original and accessible with your language and build trust with them.

Listen to your audience and engage with them.

4.Schedule your Tweets

Consistency is important. Just creating an account, posting few tweets, and then forgetting about it. It won’t work like this.

All the tweets should be scheduled before time in order to get maximum reach. This helps you to know the best time to post and boost your engagement. This way you can streamline the time you spend socially.

5.Drives Traffic to Your Site

Twitter provides a number of ways to drive traffic to your website. You can include your website’s URL on your profile, incorporate links to your webpage and blogs in your tweet,  retweet your post that has a direct link to your site, or use Twitter ads to land users on the specific page.

6.Set Measurable Goals

Everything starts with aims and objectives. No one should walk blindly.

Set some measurable goals such as building a good followers list, increasing traffic,  generating more leads, forming relation with industry experts, etc, and try to keep track on them.

Twitter is a must part of every business’ social media marketing. Follow the best practices that suit your business and helps you achieve your business goals.

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