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Top 10 Best Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Website is the foremost thing that a business requires to establish itself as a brand. A website gives an identity to the business irrespective of it being a new entrant or a competitive player in the market. Often brands create an appealing website but fail to pull in the traffic because of the stringent competition. In this article, we’ll tell you some ways to increase website traffic in order to achieve a good SEO ranking and reach out to your potential customers whenever they search for a product or service that your business serves.

Ways To Increase Website Traffic

Following are the proven and free ways to increase website traffic to its best:

Google My Business Listing

Google My Business listing can drive in engagement and increase it by 7 times and establish your business on the grounds of loyalty. Make sure that your company’s information is updated time-to-time and talks only about what you can offer. Avoid putting any false or misleading information.

Perform On-Page and Off-Page Activities

Undergoing these SEO activities will ensure a higher conversion rate. Make your website content-rich with the inclusion of proper keywords. Meta Title and Meta Description should be in place. Similarly, reach out to websites that can list your business and re-direct the traffic to your website. Enter the world of Online Directories.


Take it to Social Platforms

Social Media has evolved as one of the best ways to know your target customers. By making your presence strong on these platforms, one can experience better traffic. Build your social identity in a way that not only your existing customers but also a new group of consumers get inclined towards your brand. Do not forget to add your website links to your social media accounts or pages and enjoy a good amount of traffic in a short span of time. Also, use the relevant hashtags to reach more and more people who could be looking out for products or services that your business offer.

Level-Up Your Takeaway Communication

A user always visits a website with an intention to take something valuable against the time spent exploring. Highlight your USPs that captivate the visitors and make them revisit your website.

Email Marketing

Old School tactics can never go out of the trend mailers being one of them. Emails are an excellent way to communicate and hence, don’t lose this opportunity.

Design and Send timely mailers to your existing and potential clients with your website and social media links. Keep your wordings crisp and images informative. Infuse some keywords, maintain the frequency, and lastly, keep a check on the open rate.

Guest Blogging

An industry professional can do wonders to your blog page and website at the same time. One can also take the chance of posting an interview with a renowned guest. This will add a variety to your routine blog and can make a series of guest interviews if the attraction rate is able to pull in traffic.

Track and Measure

Google Analytics is the best way to track your website engagement and make the changes wherever required. This way, one can also measure the performance of a particular event or campaign and incorporate the desired changes.

The Keyword Game

Keywords play a major role in driving website traffic. Do timely research to see what’s trending and accordingly make wise use of short-tail and long-tail keywords to increase your website traffic.

Refine and Filter

Where the market equations change daily it’s always advised to keep a check on the trends. With the changing drift, update your digital presence too.

Consider Backlinks

An experienced market influencer, blogger, or industry expert can grant you some additional traffic by adding the backlinks of your website in their blogs and communication. This will help in driving more engagement and what’s better than receiving a shout-out from complementary businesses.

These are a few ways that can help you generate better visibility and increase website traffic. So, get your hands on these and let us know if these worked for you. Also, drop in your suggestions or some other ways to increase website traffic in the comments section below.

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